​Introducing the 2023 Gotham Open Cup

Introducing the 2023 Gotham Open Cup

In 2022, we held two, invite-only, Men's 11v11 regional tournaments. We wanted to expand that idea into a larger FA Cup-style tournament this year. In Dayton, Indianapolis, and Columbus, we will run city-wide tournaments. Matchdays will be spread out through Sundays in the summer. Each team will get a minimum of 3 matches regardless of how well they progress through the rounds. The champions of each city tournament will be invited to an end-of-the-year tournament in Cincinnati to play for the regional championship. Spots will be limited.

  • Quarterfinals Leg One
  • Quarterfinals Leg Two
  • Semifinals
  • Finals
  • Regional Tournament in Cincinnati (11/5)

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SARS-Cov2 updates

Nov 20th 2020
Check back here as we prepare for the new season with guidelines to keep everyone healthy.

Guide to play levels

Just starting out
Have played in casual leagues
Played in high school, still in shape
Very Competitive
Played collegiate or higher