League Rules

Rules for our short-sided leagues

7v7 Divisions:

General FIFA rules apply with exceptions:

  • 7 players per team including goalkeeper
  • 2 women minimum on field (not including the goalkeeper)
  • 46-minute games (23-minute halves)
  • No offsides
  • No slide tackling
  • Unlimited subs on the fly

League Discipline: 

  • Teams with active suspensions will be notified and time permitting suspensions will be posted on the team's schedule page. All members of a team with active suspensions will have to present a photo ID before playing. With the provision of the limited number of referees we use, the referees may recognize the players suspended and IDs would not be required. 
  • Depending on the severity of the action being disciplined, Gotham Soccer League reserves the right to impose match bans, up to banned for life, for poor behavior before, during, or after any matches conducted in the league. For infractions resulting from honest, hard play the following guidelines will apply: 
    • 2 Yellow Cards in one game = 1 game suspension. 
    • 3 Yellow Cards in any 3 games during the 8 game season = 1 game suspension. 
    • 1 Red Card = 1 game suspension.

Player Waiver, Release of Liability, & Indemnification Agreement:

All players in the league must agree to the terms of our player waiver.

Full Match Rules and Guidelines

SARS-Cov2 updates

Nov 20th 2020
Check back here as we prepare for the new season with guidelines to keep everyone healthy.

Guide to play levels

Just starting out
Have played in casual leagues
Played in high school, still in shape
Very Competitive
Played collegiate or higher