About Us

Gotham Soccer League was formed in the Summer of 2006 out of a strong desire for weeknight games of full-field, 11-a-side, 90-minute soccer. We have since grown to become one of New York City's most competitive leagues, and we aim to give our players the pro experience through the use of game videos, professional photography, league news, statistics, and more. Gotham has also expanded to additional cities across the country!

We offer a multitude of offerings across New York City:

Men's 11v11

Soccer the way it's meant to be played! We play by FIFA rules with a few exceptions described in our rules. The level of play is competitive amateur, with two divisions offering different levels of play. Some of players in our Division One teams have played extensively at the NCAA D1 or D2 college level and beyond, with our Division Two teams having a near similar level of experience. Video highlights from both divisions are embedded below to give prospective players a better feel for the level of play:

Men's 9v9

We also offer a competitive 9v9 league at Brooklyn Bridge Park; the level of play is competitive and not recommended for beginners! Video below for reference.

Women's 9v9

We offer the only all-women's weekday league in New York City, and we're damn proud of it! While all our welcome to join, many of our players have extensive competitive experience.

Summer Co-Ed 7v7

Every summer on the rooftop of Pier 40, we offer a great small-sided co-ed league! Our coed leagues require a minimum of 2 women on the field (not including the goalkeeper). These divisions are open to all levels of experience, but many players are somewhat experienced.

Rooftop and Indoor 5v5

Last but not least are our offerings on the small-sided fields of Upper 90 Soccer in Astoria! These are some of the most unique pitches in the city and are modeled after the ever-popular small-sided footy facilities you would find all across Europe. We currently offer both men's and women's divisions!

Have an additional question? Our FAQ page can be found here. Feel free to reach out to [email protected] with questions about our current or upcoming leagues. 

SARS-Cov2 updates

Nov 20th 2020
Check back here as we prepare for the new season with guidelines to keep everyone healthy.

Guide to play levels

Just starting out
Have played in casual leagues
Played in high school, still in shape
Very Competitive
Played collegiate or higher