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Winter 23 Registration is Open

Monday 7v7 men's at Brooklyn Armory is back with our first indoor winter session starting Monday, Nov 13th.

Posted October 30, 2023
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Summer Registration is Open


Our Summer 2023 season is coming up. If you have any questions, concerns, or need more info feel free to reach out to Roger at [email protected].

SUNDAYS - Men's 7v7 (Manhattan)

What: 7v7 Division
Where: Pier 40 Rooftop Field

When: 6PM-10PM

Cost: $1,750 for 8 match minimum
Includes: Set of teams shirts, all other expenses included

BEGINS: 6/18/23

SUNDAYS - Men's 9v9 (Brooklyn)*

What: 9v9 Division
Where: Brooklyn BridgePark, Pier 5

When: 4PM-8PM

Cost: $1,995 for 8 match minimum
Includes: Set of teams shirts, all other expenses included

BEGINS: 6/4/23

*Permit pending; details to be added to the website upon approval

MONDAYS - Men's 11v11 Division "C"

What: 11v11 Division (50 min games)
Where: Randall's Island

When: 7PM-10PM

Cost: $1,750 for 8 match minimum

Includes: Set of teams shirts, all other expenses included

BEGINS: 6/5/23

MONDAYS - Men's 7v7 (Brooklyn)

What: 7v7 Division
Where: Bedford Armory, Brooklyn

When: 8PM-11PM

Cost: $1,750 for 8 match minimum

Includes: Set of teams shirts, all other expenses included

BEGINS: mid-June (tbc)

TUESDAYS - Women's 9v9 (Brooklyn)**

What: 9v9 Division
Where: Brooklyn BridgePark, Pier 5

When: 7PM-9PM

Cost: $1,750 for 8 match minimum
Includes: Set of teams shirts, all other expenses included

BEGINS: 6/6/23

**Permit pending; details to be added to the website upon approval

MON-THU - Men's 11v11 Division 1 & 2

What: 11v11 Division
Where: Randall's Island, Pier 40

When: 9PM, 10PM

Cost: $2,500 for 8 match minimum
Includes: All other expenses included (t-shirts not included)

BEGINS: 6/5/23

Posted April 18, 2023
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Adult Soccer Near Me


Adult Soccer Near Me

Are you new to soccer, new to the area, or simply looking for a new league to put your team in? Either way, we’ve got you covered. We will break down everything you need to know about Adult Soccer - everything from pick up, to leagues, to tournaments, and anything in between.

Adult Soccer Leagues

The primary option available to play soccer as an Adult is through a local league. However, registering can be confusing and difficult. Finding the correct league to begin with is even more frustrating. Most players look for leagues based on price. This is natural - why pay more than you need to simply play a sport? However, we would strongly advise against this. There are a lot of factors to consider when selecting a league. The sticker price can be very deceiving.

  • Referee fees: Some leagues hide the fact you need to pay extra cash at the field to cover the referees pay. At Gotham Soccer we never do this. We handle all referee payments in order to provide both the players and the referees the best experience possible with full transparency.

  • # of matches: Some leagues like to disguise the # of games they will really offer by either not stating this at all or claiming you could get a lot of playoff matches. At Gotham we base our entire product out of creating a schedule that is 100% fair and 100% transparent.

  • Quality of the experience: Some leagues may be cheaper, but make sure you choose a league that is properly staffed and has the resources to make sure games are happening on time and with rostered players is key to enjoying the experience.

  • Quality of the field: This is massively important. If you don’t enjoy the field, it doesn't matter how matches are played, you will regret all of them.

At Gotham Soccer, we pride ourselves on providing a full time staff dedicated to running adult soccer leagues along with part time staff at the field. This is all we do and it’s our life's work. We also offer competitive pricing and have a full time member dedicated to placing free agents (individuals without a team) onto a team. We help thousands of players every year, who don’t know anyone to play with, find a team and enjoy some footy. If you need a place to start or want your team to try something new, there is no better place. We offer something for all skill levels. For teams / players that are new we offer dynamic staging formatted leagues that will place you into the right skill level. And for competitive teams we offer high level leagues and opportunities to play in regional and national tournaments across the country.

You can sign up here!

Adult Pick Up Soccer

A world wide option, pick up soccer. It’s amazing in its simplicity, but also incredibly hard to actually find. You can search facebook groups and scour the internet to find various groups. But it’s difficult to find with any consistency. If you have a hectic schedule and can’t commit to a league, this is a great option for when you have the time.

At Gotham, we provide what we call “I in Team” which is pick up soccer with a points system. Individuals rack up points throughout the year. It’s the same flexible commitment that pick up is - don’t need a team and don’t need to be there every week, just when you can. The point system gives you something to play for. It’s been a huge hit. Check it out!

Adult Soccer Tournaments

Soccer tournaments are a great option for teams looking to do something different, to travel together, or for teams that can’t commit to a full season. There are many tournaments that exist out there for adults. Most of them are in destination locations and are quite expensive, especially when cost of travel, lodging, etc is added in. If you are interested in playing in a tournament, be aware, it’s a costly option. However, it can be quite rewarding if you can convince your team to do so!

At Gotham, we use tournaments as a way of rewarding our champions. We host regional tournaments and will soon be hosting national tournaments.

You can find our tournament offerings 

Posted December 20, 2022
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Free Agency


Free Agency at Gotham Soccer League

by Roger Stevenson, July, 2022

A question we get a lot at Gotham Soccer is what does it mean to register as a Free Agent? How does the process work? When you are new to town, or all of your friends are busy having kids or other commitments, joining a new team is a great way to meet new people. And joining Gotham as a Free Agent (individual) is a good solution to getting out on the pitch.

Gotham Soccer is different from many indoor complexes or other leagues, where we view our central mission as promoting soccer culture, and as part of that, introducing players to one another is one of the best ways we know to do that. That means we try to place everybody wanting to play on a team, and so far in 2022, we’ve helped between 500-600 individual players per season get out on pitches in all the cities we operate in. We do this in two ways.

We do try to connect players with existing teams when teams reach out and ask for help in filling their rosters. And we make sure to confirm a player’s commitment before the introduction to a team by collecting the league dues before making the assignment. And this is one of the biggest questions we get, “Can I be placed on a good team?” Mixed in with direct requests to join the previous season’s champions in the division the person wants to join. Unfortunately for new players joining the league, more often than not, those teams are the ones with solid rosters with players in each of the positions they need a player in and have not reached out to us for help in finding players.Typically speaking we get requests for 1-5 players for a season in each division, often times with specific requirements on who they are looking for, a goalkeeper, or a female player. By percentage, we place 10% of free agents in this way.

The other 90% of the time, joining as a free agent means you are placed on a “Free Agent” team, which translates to most of the players not knowing each other before the season begins. These teams do work best when there’s a “core” group of players and we always keep groups of players together, so if you have friends, but not enough for a full team, shoot us their contacts and we’ll group you together to get you on the same team.

We do understand there can be challenges on these teams; with personalities, too many people turning up each game, too few turning up, players not in the right positions, general lack of coordinated play, etc., and we do try to balance teams when we are able. Having 3 goalkeepers on a team doesn’t make sense and we can normally find a home for goalkeepers when we know of a situation like this. The important thing about a Free Agent team is it’s a start, an introduction to a new group of players. And we find the statistics back up the effort we put into forming the teams. Of our Free Agent teams, 31% continue on as a Free Agent team the following season, meaning they continue to pay as individuals but the majority of the players on the team continue. A further 20% of the Free Agent teams move on to control their own roster and pay as a team in subsequent seasons.

Occasionally, we run into situations in a division where we have a few players register and confirm their interest by paying, but not enough to create a team and no teams asking for additional players. In these situations we do present other options that a player can play in where we do have room. But if we can’t place somebody, we do refund 100% of the league dues paid. This happens about 2% of the time based on the past year.

Here’s some quotes from prior Free Agents:

“I joined Gotham Soccer as a free agent along with a handful of friends in the fall of 2021. Right away we felt integrated with the team and the league, and I progressed to managing that free agent team, which has played together every season since. Roger and Eliot are always available to answer questions, and they run a fun, respectful and competitive league. Looking forward to many more seasons with Gotham Soccer!” - Sasha, NYC

“When I moved to Cincinnati for work I registered with several leagues in the city. Jeremy got back to me quickly and got me on a team playing at Stargel Stadium. We were all new to the league and while we weren’t great that first season, it was really fun. Five years later our team is still together and it’s been a great league to play in each season!” - Rachel, Cincinnati

Posted July 26, 2022
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Summer 2022 registration is open!

Registration for the Summer 2022 season is open! Please click here for all of the details.


Men's Competitive 11v11

- Begins Wednesday 1st June (earliest)

- 8-10 match season

- Midweek games at Randall's Island (9pm) and Pier 40 (10pm)

Men's Casual 11v11 Mondays

- Begins Monday 6th June.

- 8 match season with a championship game

- Games are 2x25 minutes

- Monday evenings on Randall's Island (7pm, 8pm, 9pm, 10pm).

Women's 9v9

- Begins Tuesday 31st May

- 8-10 match season

- Tuesday evenings at Brooklyn Bridge Park, Pier 5 (7pm, 8pm)

Men's 9v9

- Begins Sunday 5th June.

- 8-10 match season

- Sunday afternoons to early evenings at Brooklyn Bridge Park, Pier 5 (4pm-8pm)

Men's 7v7 Sundays

- Begins Sunday 5th June

- 8-10 match season.

- Sunday late afternoons to early evenings on the Pier 40 Rooftop (4pm-8pm)

Men's 7v7 Monday Indoor Turf

- Begins Monday 13th June

- 8-10 match season

- Monday evenings at eh Bedford Union Armory, Crown Heights (8pm-11pm)

Posted April 26, 2022
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