GSL Match Rules and Guidelines

Match Basics

  1. Time
    1. Match length
      1. 7v7 matches consist of two 23 minute halves with a halftime that doesn’t exceed 5 minutes.
      2. 11v11 matches consist of two 40 minute halves with a halftime that doesn’t exceed 5 minutes.
      3. In an effort to keep all matches on schedule, referees should not add time at the end of matches.
      4. In cases of lengthy delays in play, refs should suspend the game clock, until play resumes.
    2. Kickoffs
      1. Listed kickoff times are to be kept. These times are listed on the website and on referee schedules.
      2. A team is afforded a 5 minute grace period after scheduled kickoff time to get the minimum required number of players (see Section 1:2C) on the field. If they cannot, the match is forfeited and the other team is awarded a 5-0 victory.
    3. Playoff Overtime
      1. 7v7 and 11v11 playoff matches that end in a draw after regulation time, will move to a 5 minute sudden death (golden goal).
      2. If teams fail to score after the 5 minute period has ended, the match moves to a penalty shootout.
        1. 11v11 Shootout- only players that are on the field at the end of the golden goal period are allowed to partake in the shootout.
          1. 11v11 shootout follows all FIFA sanctioned procedures.
        2. Men’s 7v7 Shootout- follows all FIFA sanctioned procedures except all players on the roster may partake in the shootout.
        3. Coed 7v7 Shootout- follows all FIFA sanctioned procedures except all players on the roster may partake in the shootout, the order of players taking penalties must rotate between male and female kickers (teams can choose to begin with any player regardless of gender, so as long as they rotate properly).
  2. Players
    1. Players must wear shin guards and appropriate footwear.
      1. Inappropriate footwear
        1. Steel studs
        2. Sandals or flip flops
        3. Bare feet
    2. Players must be wearing their team’s shirt or a bib/shirt that’s color is approved by the ref and matches the team shirt color.
    3. Minimum required number of players to start a match:
      1. 7v7 Men’s- 4 players
      2. 7v7 Coed- 3 males, 1 female
      3. 11v11- 7 players
  3. Field Dimensions
    1. With few exceptions, 7v7 fields are 60 yards by 40 yards.
    2. 11v11 leagues use the full length of the lined field they are played on.
    3. 7v7 fields should be marked with cones, painted lines, or preset lines in the field.
    4. 7v7 keeper boxes should extend 5 yards out from each goal post and 10 yards up the field from the goal line. Any exceptions will be marked and approved by a commissioner. Referees, players, or any other bystander cannot alter the dimensions of the field or any element of the field.
  4. Forfeits and Cancellations
    1. A forfeit happens when:
      1. One team cannot field the minimum number of players at the start of the match (see Section 1:2C).
      2. One team can no longer field the minimum number of players at any point in the match- due to red cards or players leaving the match.
    2. Cancellations
      1. Weather cancellations
        1. Lightning in the immediate area
        2. Heavy sustained rainfall ( ie. monsoons)
        3. Flooded/unplayable fields
      2. Other cancellations
        1. Field owners augmenting set field permit time.
      3. In the event of known cancellation or weather issues, league commissioners will notify team captains of game cancellations by two hours before game time.
      4. If word has not been received by that time, the decision is left in the hands of the referee and on-site field staff.

Match Rules

(General FIFA rules are in place if not otherwise stated)

  1. Kickoffs
    1. Both teams must have the minimum required number of players at kickoff. (see Section 1:2C)
    2. Kickoffs do not have to be played backwards.
  2. Substitution
    1. Substitutions are allowed on the fly.
    2. Substitutions are unlimited.
    3. Players can sub out (exit) from any point on the field, but all must sub onto (enter) the field from the same general area.
    4. Keeper substitutions must be done on a dead ball and the center referee must be made aware of the change by that team.
  3. Sliding/tackling
    1. Sliding on the field by a field player is legal if
      1. It is not in the act of dispossessing a player
      2. It is not in the act of impeding a player
      3. It is not in the immediate path of a keeper
    2. Keepers are allowed to slide in an effort to play the ball as long as they are in their goal box.
      1. Just like the use of hands, a keeper falls under field player sliding rules when they are outside of their goal box.
    3. A slide that does not comply with part A. is a foul and a direct free kick is to be given to the other team at the spot of the foul.
    4. Players who repeat C. should be subject to further discipline at the discretion of the referee.
  4. 7v7 specific rules
    1. All 7v7 matches are played without the offside rule.
    2. Dead balls should be granted a 6 yard radius.
    3. Penalties are to be taken from the top of the goal box.
    4. In coed matches, each team must have a minimum of 2 female field players on the field at all times.
      1. If a team has only 1 female player, they must play a man down.

SARS-Cov2 updates

Nov 20th 2020
Check back here as we prepare for the new season with guidelines to keep everyone healthy.

Guide to play levels

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