CLS United

Primary: Blue (with white stripes)
Alternate: White

CLS United has a long and proud history as a soccer club in New York City. In 30-plus seasons in Gotham Soccer, dating back to 2009, CLS United has played in 17 First Division League Cups, claiming 10 Championships (including two each in 2017, 2018 and 2019). CLS takes pride in the fact that they have never had a losing season in Gotham Soccer and have never been relegated from the top flight. The team has evolved over the years via word-of-mouth and pick-up soccer games, and is currently comprised of a mix of quality D1 and D3 players from around the country. CLS United believes their passion for the game and team camaraderie is unmatched by any team in New York City. We are excited about our new jersey sponsor for 2020: Beer Noggin.

Contact Jeff ([email protected]) for more information, to inquire about a roster spot, or if you're looking for a game (as a player or opposing team). We are always seeking opportunities to test ourselves inside and outside Gotham Soccer.

2020 Fall Roster

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1st Division Champions Fall 2011

1st Division Champions Summer 2014

1st Division Champions Fall 2014

1st Division Champions Spring 2016

1st Division Champions Spring 2017

1st Division Champions Fall 2017

1st Division Champions Spring  2018

1st Division Champions Summer  2018

1st Division Champions Spring 2019

1st Division Champions Summer 2019