Gotham Soccer

The amateur soccer league with the pro experience.

Soccer First

Soccer First

The amateur league with the pro experience. We build competitive leagues on the best fields with the most experienced referees, and we run these leagues with the player in mind.

Social Environment

Social Environment

Soccer is more than competition and exercise. It builds communities and forges lifelong friendships. We partner with great local businesses to provide venues for post-game drinks and more.

Professional Media

Professional Media

We believe our leagues should have pro-style coverage, so we take photos and HD videos of our leagues in action. Memories are great, but pictures and game film are better.


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Privacy Policy

Dear User,

At Gotham Soccer we take your privacy seriously and if ever you feel your privacy is not being upheld to the level you require, please contact us at [email protected] or (646) 586-5800 and we will be happy to work with you so that you can continue to enjoy our League. But please do recognize that by consenting to play in our League, we will end up collecting some data on you, which we've consciously minimized to protect you, but is necessary to achieve our goal of making Gotham Soccer League a celebration of you playing the sport you love.

The information we know we may collect about you includes the following: 

  • General identification information to differentiate you from everybody else, including name, email, date of birth, general geographic data.
  • Photos, taken by league officials, you, your teammates, fans, the media or any other sources.
  • Videos, taken by league officials, you, your teammates, fans, the media or any other sources.
  • Roster information, such as team, position, games played, number, goals scored. 

Our use of personal information is to enable you to compete at as high of a level as can be attained and provide a forum to demonstrate and catalog your achievements. If ever any content that is posted to the site is thought to be abusive, bullying, offensive, or just not in keeping with the theme of this site, we reserve the right to remove said content from the site, and the right to punish offenders both by restricting their ability to post content to the online site and on the field through match bans as the situation warrants.

We hope you enjoy participating in Gotham Soccer League and look forward to the exciting accomplishments you make in the league!


Roger Stevenson

President, Gotham Soccer League

Player Waiver

Player Waiver, Release of Liability, Indemnification Agreement

I, a player in Gotham Soccer League (the League), acknowledge, agree and understand that:

  1. Voluntarily and of my own free will, I elect to participate as a member of the soccer team and the League.
  2. I understand that there are certain risks and hazards involved in participating in soccer that may result in injury or death to me or other players, including, but not limited to those hazards associated with weather conditions, playing conditions, equipment and other participants.
  3. I understand that slide tackling and other soccer activities are dangerous to me and to other players and may result in serious injury or death.
  4. I understand that the very nature of the game of soccer is hazardous and risky, including, but not limited to, the acts of kicking, throwing, heading, running, jumping, stretching, sliding, diving, and collisions with other players and with stationary objects, all of which can cause serious injury or death to me and to other players.

Further, I, a player in the League, agree that in consideration for the right to play as a member of the team in the League and in consideration for permission to play on the fields arranged for by the team or league: 1. I voluntarily elect to accept and assume all risks of injury incurred or suffered by me (a) while practicing or playing as a member of the team so designated, (b) while serving in a non-playing capacity as team member during practice or play by other teams or by other players on my team, and (c) while on or upon the premises of any and all of the fields arranged for by my team or league for practice or play. 2. I release, discharge and agree not to sue the team and league designated below, the fieldowner or other entity designated below, or their owners, officers, agents, servants, associations, employees, or any person or entity connected with the team, league, field for any claim, damages, costs or cause of action which I have or may have in the future as a result of injuries or damages, sustained or incurred by me from whatever cause including but not limited to the negligence, breach of contract or wrongful conduct of the parties hereby released.


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